LLN: Diagnostic Services to Set Direction

Learning Community Survey Strategic Planning Personalized  Consultation
Description Research-based survey that measures presence of six core leadership practices across all educators in a school. A series of sessions that use diverse perspectives of stakeholders to collaboratively author a comprehensive, measurable strategic plan that will guide the school or district for 3-5 years. A meeting between CLEE leaders and district/school leaders to discuss needs and potential leadership development services.
Key Outcomes Assess the current reality of adult practices and beliefs.

Use data to prioritize goals and strategies for strengthening adult practices and beliefs.

Shared ownership of strategic plan by multiple stakeholders.

Data driven process.

Comprehensive, measurable, fluid strategic plan that will guide the school or district for 3-5 years.

Develop understanding of district/school leadership development strengths and needs.

Create personalized menu of suggested services.

Audience School and district leaders District and community stakeholders District leaders
Program Structure One digital survey administration to all faculty in school/district.

Preparation of data, disaggregated across six core leadership practices.

One two-hour session to analyze data and set next steps

Initial planning session with district leadership

Three, 2 hour sessions with 30-50 district stakeholders.

Planning meetings with district leadership throughout process.

1 hour meeting between CLEE leaders/facilitators and district leaders
Customization* None Some None
Interdistrict or Intradistrict Intradistrict Intradistrict Intradistrict or Interdistrict
Base Pricing*

* Any customization to the curriculum or design may change the base pricing.

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Questions? Please contact LLN Co-Directors, Mary Vieira maryvieira@clee-ri.org and Barbara Mullen barbaramullen@clee-ri.org

Center for Leadership and Educational Equity

.The mission of the Center is to provide leaders with professional learning and support to create equitable outcomes for students in our schools..

We believe the best way to learn is together and the best way to lead is by example; therefore, our programs engage leaders in professional learning communities that model best practices for staff development in schools. The Center currently runs two such programs for teacher and school leaders, the Principal Residency Network (PRN) and the Learning Leader Network (LLN).