Learning Leader Network: LLN

What would it look like, sound like, feel like if every day, in every classroom, the unlimited potential of every child were unleashed? This question—and the unwavering belief that this vision is possible—is why The Center for Leadership and Educational Equity exists. At CLEE, we work with educators to move educational equity from a vision to a reality in their Schools. View our Equity statement to see what CLEE means by “Equity”.

Customization Promise:

At CLEE we believe that customizable and personalized support isn’t “extra”, it’s at the heart of what we do. We believe equity starts with giving individuals what they need to grow and transform. Our services reflect that belief. Our partners can trust that all of our programming designs will be customized to reflect and serve the unique needs of their teams and, most importantly, their students.

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Questions? Please contact LLN Co-Directors, Mary Vieira maryvieira@clee-ri.org and Barbara Mullen barbaramullen@clee-ri.org

Center for Leadership and Educational Equity

.The mission of the Center is to provide leaders with professional learning and support to create equitable outcomes for students in our schools..

We believe the best way to learn is together and the best way to lead is by example; therefore, our programs engage leaders in professional learning communities that model best practices for staff development in schools. The Center currently runs two such programs for teacher and school leaders, the Principal Residency Network (PRN) and the Learning Leader Network (LLN).