2017 TSLP Grant Impacts

The Turnaround School Leader Program (TSLP) grant is funded by the USDOE to support a consortium of the Center for Leadership and Educational Equity (CLEE), Central Falls Schools, and Providence Schools to support leadership in strengthening professional learning communities that deeply impact school culture, close achievement gaps, and increase equity in the participating schools.

TSLP summary graphic
The Human Stories Behind the Data: TSLP Participant, and Calcutt Middle School 5th Grade Teacher exemplifies how the educator practices and growth mindset promoted in the TSLP/CLEE work impacts a student to”Harness the positive, as we all have the ability to achieve limitless possibilities.”

Alvarez High School
Calcutt Middle School
Carl Lauro Elementary School
Central Falls High School
Gilbert Stuart Middle School
Juanita Sanchez Educational Complex
Lillian Feinstein at Sackett Street Elementary School
Mt. Pleasant High School
Pleasant View Elementary School
Roger Williams Middle School
Veterans Elementary School
Young-Woods Elementary School

School Leaders (1)

Developing School Leaders

Developing leadership in 32 current principals, assistant principals, aspiring principals and mentor principals.
Peer-to-Peer for Principals – Principals, assistant principals, and aspiring principals from participating schools attended high relevancy learning experiences to focus on strategies to lead for high and equitable outcomes.
Principal Residency Network – PRN is a residency-based PK-12 Building Administrator Certification program approved with distinction by the Rhode Island Department of Education. The PRN prepares educational leaders who champion educational equity through leadership of innovative schools for the purpose of increasing educational equity. The grant supported TSLP fellowships awarded to Providence and Central Falls Aspiring Principals and their Mentor Principals to participate in the PRN. 13 fellowship participants graduated and 10 out of 13 are already working in school/district leadership positions

107 teacher leaders

Building Capacity of Leadership Teams

Teams of approximately 10 Teacher Leaders from each of the 12 participating schools were trained through the Institute to Advance Equity, and many continue to receive ongoing coaching through the end of the grant term in June 2018. Through shared leadership, school teams build the capacity of adults to unleash the potential of students and adults by collaboratively using data and dialogue to identify and close equity based student outcome gaps rooted in the school’s SRP/SIP.


Transforming Adult Practices

100% of the TSLP Schools showed overall growth in core leadership practices over the last three years. We assessed these through a survey that measures the six core practices that educators use when leading to increase equity.

    • Reorganizing Systems to accelerate equity
    • Setting Direction/Vision for a learning community
    • Monitoring Progress and sustaining momentum
    • Building Capacity to Teach so all students have their needs met
    • Building Capacity to Collaborate as a learning community
    • Building Capacity to Lead  in all members of a school community 

Increasing Equity for Students in TSLP Schools

For all the 10 school teams who implemented the school improvement model:
  • 100% achieved statistically significant growth for the students in the targeted subgroup in at least one goal area.
  • 100% achieved statistically significant growth for the peer groups as well.
  • 70% achieved accelerated growth of the subgroup; the achievement gap is beginning to close.
Significantly, the data shows that the more the TLSP teams implemented the core leadership practices, the more the team increased equity for students
  • There is a statistically significant correlation between the presence of core leadership practices in the TSLP schools and the academic growth for all students, especially students in the targeted subgroups.