Center for Leadership and Educational Equity

.The mission of the Center is to provide leaders with professional learning and support to create equitable outcomes for students in our schools..

We believe the best way to learn is together and the best way to lead is by example; therefore, our programs engage leaders in professional learning communities that model best practices for staff development in schools. The Center currently runs two such programs for teacher and school leaders, theĀ Principal Residency Network (PRN) and the Learning Leader Network (LLN).

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The Rhode Island Foundation has generously contributed to the work of the Center. However, we also rely on funding from individuals. Whether you are a current member, a friend, or a future participant, we need your support, financial or otherwise. Please keep in touch with us by updating your information on the contact form.

Please also consider making a donation to CLEE below using Paypal or your credit card!

The Center for Leadership and Educational Equity is a Rhode Island non profit organization with 501(c)3 federal tax exemption status. For more information about the Center, the PRN or the LLN, contact Donna Braun, Director, at or (401) 316-8380.